Safeguarding Bursary Funds...

... a unique administration service

Bursary Administration Ltd (BAL) is a unique administration service dedicated to supporting schools and their Bursars

Founded in January 2009, we provide Financial Reviews and / or Home Visits for both new and existing bursary applications.

We believe that we have earned a reputation as a reliable and effective service for schools and as a source of advice for parents.

All work is undertaken by appropriately trained and vetted staff and full confidentiality is guaranteed (we are registered with the ICO).

Our records are stored securely and are not obtainable through the internet. We only ever provide reports to the school – not the parents; reports always remain the property of the school.

Our first duty is to our clients, and we recognise that we are representing schools to applicants. Accordingly, we will always act in a professional manner, but will also do our best to put applicants at their ease, and will provide information regarding other possible sources of funding if appropriate.

School services

We are all aware that analysing bursary applications is a time-consuming and expensive process. There are issues as well as cost which Governors and school leaders will wish to consider.

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Who we work with

BAL now works successfully alongside numerous HMC, GSA, SHMIS, ISA and IAPS schools, assisting them in their assessment of applications and can be found as a service provider on the ISBA website.

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