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We are all aware that analysing bursary applications is a time-consuming and expensive process. There are issues as well as cost which Governors and school leaders will wish to consider. We believe that BAL can support schools:

  • Using an independent third party to act on your behalf means that the application process, which can often be intrusive and adversely affect the relationship between parents and school staff, can lead to a more constructive relationship between all parties.
  • In order to understand the family situation and the reasons why a Bursary application has been made we believe that a discussion with the parents is essential and would always recommend this for new applicants.
  • We offer a consistent methodology which allows for cases to be easily compared. Our reports are both objective and subjective.

BAL’s services are available in several forms, tailored to meet your specific requirements:

  • If required, the provision of application forms, branded specifically for your school (based upon the ISBA model). These forms can be issued directly to parents, returnable either to the school or BAL.
  • We can also act as a sole point of contact for the parents.
  • Combined Financial Review and Home Visit
  • Financial Review and spreadsheet report

Reports will be supplied to the school through SharePoint.

We feel it is important to hold an initial meeting with the school to discuss how your school currently issues bursaries and your exact requirements and timescales. We consider that we act as an information-gathering and advisory service only and stress that the decision regarding a bursary application always remains with the Governors and staff.

It is our sole aim to ensure that school decision-makers are provided with a balanced and complete report to allow them to make an informed decision regarding Bursary applications.