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We quite understand that making a Bursary application is a stressful time for parents and carers and the thought of an impending telephone/Zoom call or home visit can be quite daunting. School Governors find it very important to understand the family situation, and to calculate the financial need of the family on an individual basis.

To help them achieve this, we try to spend time with each family discussing the application and gathering the necessary financial information: Governors will ask what income a family has on the application form, but we try to show them what a family has to spend before a school fee contribution can even be considered. It is important to present as balanced a picture as possible to the Governors before any offer can be considered.

It is really important to stress the confidential nature of this meeting; we report back to a senior named person at the school and to no-one else. If we are calling or visiting you on behalf of more than one school, or you make a later application to another of our client schools, we can arrange for the report to be shared if all parties are agreeable.

The call or visit is not meant to be intrusive; if visiting we do not wish to tour your home, and will always do our best to put you at your ease. When we first make contact with you, it will have been at the request of the school, and our staff will advise you of any documents that we need to review if you have not already sent them with your application.

We should point out that schools investigate us quite thoroughly before they agree to become our clients. We are representing them during our conversations with you and we take this responsibility seriously.

(Please be assured that none of our visitors have any problem with pets or children being present during a home visit, although the meeting will be quite dull for them!)